Sunday, August 16, 2009

30 Weeks 4 Days - nothing new to report

I haven't posted a picture in awhile, partly because I am not using the computer that I can put my SD card into, and I do not know where the cable is to hook my camera up to the other computer. I can tell you this much, take my last belly picture and add about 500 inches to it and you will have my belly now. It seems to grow daily and I'm not so sure I like the idea of taking weekly pictures. It doesn't really help the self-esteem factor these days!

Things coming up this week:

-last week of this session of pre-natal yoga
-birthing classes start up
-bi-weekly visits to the doctor have begun and i have another appointment this week

Recent cravings:

-for it to be October


-everything hurts these days

I will post pictures one of these days :)

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