Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doctor Drama Again

I had my 31 week appointment today, and when I showed up for my scheduled appointment at 8:45 they commented how I was super early. 2 seconds later I come to find out they had informed me of the wrong time and my appointment was actually at 9:45. They assured me that it wasn't a problem and I would be able to get in right away. Which I was thankful for, I was starting to have flashbacks of Alliance and how they treated me when they screwed up my appointment!

I get taken back to a different part of the office, assuming that I'm going to see Sameerah, my nurse mid-wife. I am then informed that I will be seeing one of the doctors, and when I asked if I would still be seeing Sameerah, they looked confused. I quickly explained that I'm only supposed to see her and if she's not available I'd be more than happy to see a doctor. The nurse comes back in and says that my chart has been switched from mid-wife only to doctor-only, but is unable to give me a decent explanation or reason, she says nothing on my chart would indicate why that has been changed.

After a disappointing appointment for reasons I will not delve into here, I go to schedule my next appointment. The receptionist tries to schedule me with a doctor and when I push back that I'm supossed to see Sameerah she tells me that I must have been switched because of medical conditions. I let her know that I do not have any medical conditions and would like to see Sameerah. She then tries to get ahold of my chart, which I am not ok with - she's not a nurse or doctor and has no business looking at my records!! The nurse behind her doesn't give her the chart, but they let me know they will call me to tell me why I've been switched. Apparently it was a big mistake and I'm back over to mid-wife only.

The next surprise arrived when I called to cancel my set of labs with the oncology center to see if I carry the gene for hemochromotosis. They wanted to do more labs and said they couldn't use the labs my doctor had just done to test for that. We decided that it's in my best interest to not get any more bloodwork done during this pregnancy and that we will get the baby tested when he arrives. The oncology center informs me that not only is my appointment for the hemochromotosis but it is also because I'm anemic. Come again? Me, anemic? You have got to be kidding me, I have NEVER been diagnosed with anemia and none of my labwork has ever come back indicating that I am even borderline anemic.

Why does it seem that there is not one single competent doctor's office in the Lansing area?! I sure hope we have moved out of Michigan by the time we're ready for our next child. I also am strongly considering the possibility of an at-home birth next time around. I can avoid all doctors and unnecessary bloodwork, needles, shots, etc. Oh and one last thing, apparently being pregnant does not legally entitle you to any special treatment or coverage. It's not considered an illness or disability, I'd like to blame this on the stupid women's rights movement that want equal treatment no matter what. As a pregnant woman I think we should have increased legal rights and am very upset with the women's rights activists who created those stupid laws preventing us from receiving different treatment.

And yes, it is only 10:43 am and I still have to work 9 hours today, Lord have mercy.


  1. You poor thing - you are just working through so much right now! I don't have any words of wisdom - but I am thinking about you!

  2. Thanks Joanne! I'm hanging in there, it just seems to be a difficult period of time for both Derek and I all around right day we'll look back and laugh at everything!