Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday, and landed itself on the list of one of the worst birthdays I have had thus far. Surprisingly, the events that took place caused me to not even give a care that I am now closer to 30 than I am 20, that I am not a quarter of a century, that I am OLD, and that I'm depressed about getting older.

It all started a couple of months ago when I sought out the care of a homeopathic doctor to find the cause of my daily headaches and sometimes daily migraines. I wanted an alternative approach that would hopefully end in a medicine free solution. I willingly let them take several chunks of hair from the back of my head, and I even gladly let them take far too many vials of blood to try and get some answers. Yesterday, I went in to get my results. I don't think I was even somewhat prepared for the information overload I experienced. It turns out that I am allergic to all the good, processed, non-organic food. Like wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, and the worst one GARLIC. Garlic is a staple in my diet, I seriously put it in almost all of my dishes (except desserts), including scrambled eggs. The list goes on about the allergies, but it didn't stop there. They handed me a personalized handbook explaining what I'm allergic to and the foods that I need to avoid, they also provided me with a much smaller list of foods that I can eat. Did I mention that they took away chocolate and sugar?!

I have taken this with a HUGE grain of salt. See, I would sacrifice all the foods I love if it means that I will never get another migraine or headache, but it's a little frustrating right now trying to figure out what to eat! I ordered a cookbook and hopefully that will give me some ideas. In general I just feel pretty discouraged and a little helpless in the eating category, especially with breakfast! I think by the time I get the hang of what I can and can't eat, it will be time to check in with my doctor and get my diet adjusted! Here's some cute pictures of Dax from this weekend.



Hanging out with cousin Zachary

Zach and Dax testing out soon to arrive Baby Ellena's playmat!

Hanging out with Uncle Dan

Chillin in my exersaurcer on loan from Aunt Lisa


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mr. Chatty

Mr. Dax-a-roo has been a little chatterbug lately. He's a talker, but he's really trying to speak lately, his tones have been changing and when he moves his lips it's like he's just trying to spit out a full mouth of words! Today, he has decided to squeal more than he's ever squealed in his life so far - he sounds like a 3 year old little girl getting her first barbie.

Our happy sweet little boy has turned into a crying angry monster. He's started teething, his smiles have become cute little pouty lips, his eyes that sparkle when he laughs have turned into sprinkler systems, and he's been fighting low-grade fevers for the past 2 weeks. Today, however, my sweet baby boy woke up his usual self and was the happiest I have seen him in awhile! While there aren't any pearly whites poking through yet, I believe I can see one on his bottom front gums just under the surface. Here's hoping they pop through soon and that he gets a break from teething for a few weeks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Occasionally, in the mornings, I watch morning "news" tv shows. I really shouldn't watch them, but they do provide me with some much needed comic relief when I do watch them. This morning, I happened to stop on one show, and they were highlighting new and revolutionary products for women. I thought I had heard it all until they came to this product: the butt bra. Here I thought I had heard it all....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A New Ride

When we officially switched Dax over to his convertible carseat because he had outgrown his infant one, I realized that my mobility with him would be limited until he was a little sturdier. He sits up, but is still pretty wobbly, and toting around the stroller can be a royal pain at times. While Dax rides well in the stroller, he doesn't do well in it for long periods of time - he can't see me, and depending on where we're at, I am hard to hear!

Not really sure what to do, I asked some of my friends what they suggested. Some of my friends are really into baby wearing and convinced me that I should give it a whirl. I found a great baby carrier on sale and it arrived on Tuesday. It's an Action Baby Carrier and Dax can be worn on the front or back - it also has a belt that goes around your waist and the straps are really comfortable and criss cross over your shoulders to distribute the weight through your whole body.

new baby carrier

An extremely happy baby!! (excuse the blurry picture - they were the best we could get!)

Yes, I cropped myself out of the picture - when you haven't showered for 2 days and the camera adds an extra 3 chins, removing yourself from pictures is not only a courtesy it's a necessity!

baby carrier

If you're interested in baby wearing, Amber, at Heavenly Hold has several different types of carriers, mei tais, slings, wraps, and buckle carriers (like mine), and she also has a great page dedicated to the history, benefits, and safety of babywearing. I am loving baby wearing, it makes my life, and Dax's so much easier! For the first time, I went to the grocery store with just Dax yesterday. Today, we went on an hour long walk, and thanks to the nap hood, Dax was able to take his nape while we were walking! This could become an expensive habit...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vote for Dax!

Remember this picture?


It was 1 of 4 pictures I entered into the Parents magazine, cute baby contest. If you win, your baby will be on the cover of Parents magazine. Well each week, the staff goes through all of the photos that were uploaded and they select some that they really like to win "Parents Photo Faves" of the week. Dax is one of those faves this week for the picture above. If we win, we will get some money to put towards a college savings account for him!

How can you help? You need to vote , in case if you missed that, copy and paste this link into your internet browser: http://photos.parents.com/category/vote/photo/167325

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Walk in the Park

More like a walk around the apartment complex! With the gorgeous weather that we have had lately, Dax and I have been taking lots of walks around the complex. The only problem was that the sun was always in his eyes no matter which direction we were facing. I was scrounging around in his bedroom looking for something I could use to block the sun, when I came across this baseball hat that my mom picked up for him. When I told Dax about the hat, this was his reaction:

Super happy baby!

Not wanting to deprive my sun of his happiness, I willingly obliged and let him wear the hat:





Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Updates Across the Board

Wow it's been awhile since I've been on here. I would go into detail, but let's just say I've been a little distracted! Here's a little bit of what's been going on in the Robinson apartment lately:

-Dax got a new carseat, and LOVES it. It's like a luxury car for him, equipped with 2 cup holders too! Since he's not using those right now, I tested it out on our latest trip when I sat in the back with him.

-Derek got to parade Dax around the office while I went to an appointment. It is confirmed again, we have the world's most adorable baby :)

-Dax has been talking and laughing a lot more, and his sounds have been changing. He's got a lot to say when he's awake! He even has started squealing like a little girl quite a bit lately, I'm sure once he goes through puberty it will sound more manly lol!

-I have lost all of the baby weight....now if only I could get a gym membership to really work out

-Derek and I are moving into a new apartment so we've been packing like crazy people, but someone it feels like we haven't even made a dent in all of our stuff (and we don't even have that much stuff!)

-Dax and I have been going on lots of walks this week. The weather is BEAUTIFUL here, sunny, mid-50's, it's the warmest weather that Dax has ever experienced so far and he definitely enjoys the sunshine - except when it's in his eyes. Note to self - find some baby sunglasses

That's about it, I'll try to get some pictures up soon but hopefully this will tide everyone over for a little bit!