Friday, August 7, 2009

Doom Day Approaches

Tomorrow = my funeral, have I mentioned how much I hate doctors, more specifically labs?

Meet Glucola, my best/worst friend:

This stuff tastes about as toxic as it looks and tomorrow I get to chug this whole bottle with glucose content of 100mg in a 5 minute period of time without throwing up. Last time this little friend gave me the worst heartburn I've experienced in awhile? Whose genius idea was it to make pregnant women take a diabetes test drinking something that is citrus? Whoever it was deserves to be punched.

I haven't slept very well in the past 2 nights, and last night all I could think about was pasta, which I am adamently avoiding until after the test. I fully plan on walking around in between the test and doing whatever it takes to pass, even if that means sneaking some caffeine in when the lab tech isn't looking to boost my metabolism - not sure how to do that yet without drinking some sort of sugary drink...possibly tea, but I'll need to brainstorm that one out. I'm already working on a checklist of stuff to take with me for tomorrow. So far I have:

-washcloth (their chintzy paper towels don't do anything)
-laptop and DVDs to watch
-cheese to chow down on once the tests are over
-change of clothes (don't ask)
-cell phone so I can talk to my mom since she won't come home from Romania to go with me to this appointment (life's not fair)
-water, lots of water to help flush that crap out of my system
-possible green tea or something w/o sugar but with caffeine to pass the test

I'll update tomorrow after I'm done, but maybe Derek will have to as I don't think I'll be in any state to do anything.

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