Sunday, July 19, 2009

26 Weeks and 4 Days

That's how far along I am, so I like to round up and say I'm 27 weeks along. Sunday is always when I start my new week, for some reason, Thursdays just don't work for me. At my doctor's office, they have my change day as every Thursday, but that's too much to keep track of with all that I have going on these days! Here's my latest picture, I guess I should have put my hands under my belly for the full effect. And yes, this is the same pair of shorts that I have worn in all of my other pictures, they're comfy and they are my Sunday afternoon shorts (did I mention I have 2 pairs of them and bought them my senior year of HS?)

My face is getting chubby....I had a minor breakdown tonight as I was comparing all of my pictures from 22 weeks through now, sigh. I just need to keep reminding myself that this little dude is worth it! Speaking of him, he is very very active these days! I can't tell when he's hiccuping and when he's just kicking, hitting, punching, doing backflips, etc. His favorite spots to hit are: underneath my rib cage on the right hand side (gets a little painful sometimes), the lower left part of my belly, and then right on my bladder. Lately when I have to go #1, right when I'm finished going, he gives me a little "thanks for giving me more room mommy" kick. The funny thing is that he does this almost every time I go #1 now, even if he hasn't been moving around prior to me using the restroom. What a little stinker :)


  1. Arwen you look fabulous - really!

    And SO much like Kelsey these days -- not because of the pregnancy obviously, but because I haven't seen your face in oh, what coming up on 10 years here? Wow - really? Yikes! Anyway, you look much more like Kelsey in your 20's than you did as a high schooler.

    Anyhoo - you are a beautiful young woman - preggo or not - hang in there!

  2. Yay in about three months I'll get to train my partner in crime from a young age! :-) Where I shall teach him the finer points of how to drive mommy nuts. ;-)

  3. Joanne - Thanks so much, it's funny because Kelsey claims I'm the "black sheep" of the family and that I don't look like anyone!