Monday, August 3, 2009

GD Test Today

I have my GD test today, which stands for gestational diabetes (for those of you who haven't been pregnant before!). I am not looking forward to it. At this point, I could care less if I pass the test, I'm more concerned about passing out when they take my blood. Granted, I would like to pass the test, but I'm not sure all of the factors they measure (including how much the baby weighs) actually "prove" you have GD. I was just under 10.5 pounds, and my mom did not have GD, I was just a big baby. Thankfully our nurse mid-wife is phenomenal and really supports us in our strive to have a natural and medicine free pregnancy and birth, thank God!


  1. Good luck with your test! I had GD... it sucked, but tolerable. But Logan came early so I didn't have the big baby side effect they claim exists.

  2. Yeah I'm not looking forward to the test, and I don't think I ate right today. I had 2 eggs, piece of toast this AM, then cheese and crackers, and another piece of toast with peanut butter. I was trying to not eat much sugar, but needed protien so I would stay full. Hopefully they were good choices and don't sku the results inaccurately, otherwise I'll have to take the 3 hour test :(