Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Slight correction to the post below, I don't get my blood taken 3 times. Apparently that's not enough, I get it taken 4 times. Once when I first get there then I drink the crap then each hour after that. And to think the nurse laughed on the phone when she mentioned that she thought she had called me yesterday, and how silly of her to make that mistake. I had wrongly assumed ahead of time that no news was good news, big fat stinkin lie. Is it October yet?


  1. I'm sorry lady... I hope the 3-hour glucose goes well. It does suck. Hopefully your lab will be nice like mine - they had an area for me to lay down/nap in. Also with a VCR/TV and some movies to watch during that time. If you DO end up with GD let me know - I had it and will be happy to give you any tips/suggestions from my time with that good stuff!

  2. What a bummer! :( I'll be praying for you. You'll let them know that you're a fainter, right?

    I can't remember what your post said about what you ate before the first test, but if you had carbs that probably affected it. I don't know if you can eat before the next test, but if you can try to avoid carbs at all costs-- even bananas have them. Last time I had some turkey bacon and string cheese beforehand to be super safe. Good luck, hun!