Friday, January 29, 2010

Cracking Up

The other night Derek and Dax were talking, and all of the sudden Dax started cracking up, he was laughing so hard it was adorable. I managed to grab a quick video without him noticing, although he seems to be warming up to the video camera - the regular camera, not so much. I'm still having a difficult time capturing his precious smile, but don't worry I will prevail!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Weight Update

It's been about 3 weeks since I've been trying to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight, and I can successfully report that I have lost 4 pounds! I have 6 more pounds to go by March 29th. After that I have an additional 7 that I'd like to drop by June 5th - just in time for swim suit season :)

What have I been doing to lose the weight? Well, I'm a big slacker when it comes to working out, but I have been doing Wii Fit of EA Sports Active about 3-4 times a week. Along with breastfeeding, I've been trying to make healthier choices about what I eat. This means no more impromptu brownies, cookies, or other sweets, and instead eating salads and veggies for snacks in between meals. I've also been trying to eat more consistently throughout the day so that I'm fuller longer, and have increased my water intake.

I will say that despite being 6 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, my body shape has completely transformed thanks to Dax. Clothes that would have fit when I was 10 pounds heavier than I am now, do not fit anymore because my body has redistributed my weight. Although I have more energy, and can tell that I am losing weight, it is slightly discouraging and frustrating to have boxes full of clothes that just don't work with my body yet. I'm hoping that as I continue to shed the next few pounds, my body will start to cooperate with my jeans again - those Lucky's will fit again one day!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

3 Months Old (and 4 days)

On Monday Dax was exactly 3 months old, 1/4 of a year already, holy cow!! I weighed him on my Wii Fit and he came in at a whopping 15.2 pounds - he's up exactly 2 pounds from December 18th. This would explain my increased back pain over the past couple of weeks. Over the past couple of weeks Dax has been talking non-stop, and I still think he knows how to say "hi". He LOVES to talk with his daddy, they sit there and coo at each other and then Dax just cracks up laughing. Our best method to get him to calm down when he's upset, is to start "talking" to him, the way he talks to us, and he finds that funny so he'll crack a smile and start talking back. It's amazing and melts my heart everytime I hear it. He seems to have inherited my smile - which means his eyes disappear when he smiles and from here on out, people will probably tell him what I've been hearing all of these years: "your eyes are closed, we need to retake the picture" me: "let me look at they're not closed, that's just how they look when I smile", my poor poor son - the hardships he will endure because of this smile :) I have a good feeling that he will survive.

Maybe it's just me, but he sure is getting cuter and cuter every time I look at him! He still is 99% dad and 1% mom, but that's alright - he has my brains and his dads looks, he's going to go places with that combination!

On a random side note, we're not starting solids and won't be doing so until he's 6 months old, but I found this online and have decided we will be getting this in March/April when we're getting ready to start solids:


What is it? This is Squirt it's a spoon that you fill with 3 oz. of baby food, and you squeeze the sides of the top of the spoon for food to come out onto the spoon. AKA mess free feedings, no bottles of baby food being spilled over on to the floor, oh I could go on. The BEST part, it's only $7.99, and I found 2 stores in Michigan that aren't too far away. They have 3 colors, Orange, Hot Pink (let's hope I have a girl next so I can get this color some time hehe), and Blue.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering 101

This post is for my friend, Beth , who is not sure if she wants to start using cloth diapers for her 3rd child (a girl!!) who is due in May. I told her that I would put together a little tutorial to show her how easy and mess free it really is. Now, if you're like me, the word cloth diaper brings this image to mind:
Old school cloth diapers
And if you're also like me, your parents STILL have those cloth diapers and use them as cleaning rags. So when I first heard of people who use CDs these days, I immediately thought of the rags and safety pins.

When my sister-in-law showed us the diapers she used, I realized that CDs, like everything else has kept up with the times, no more safety pins, no more plastic pants, now they look just like regular diapers and save me a TON of money, wooo hoooo! Oh, and they give Dax some junk in the trunk, but that's ok :) We use the Bum Genius brand, so Beth, here are your step by step instructions on what they look like and how to use them:

Step 1: The diaper all folded up

Cloth Diaper closed smallest size

Step 2: How to expand the diaper as your baby grows

Cloth Diaper Expanded

There are neat little snaps on the front, these will fit your kid from birth through appx. 50lbs, just an FYI, Dax is probably 16 or 17lbs and we're still on the smallest size, we may move up soon.

Step 3: How it works (excuse the skid marks lol)

The cloth diaper opened

This is the diaper opened, now notice by the velcro, you have what appears a little overhang of material - this is a pocket where the insert gets put in the diaper.

Step 4: The insert


This is what gets shoved into the diaper's pocket, and keeps the baby dry

Step 5: The pocket

Where you stick the insert

This is where you put the insert into the diaper, and they come with an extra one that you put in once your baby sleeps through the night.

Just a small note: Dax rarely leaks through with these, we have the MOST accidents, blowouts/diaper explosions, when he is wearing disposables. Our overall invest on these was about $200 - we were given several for gifts, we started out with 24 which was great, I only have to wash them every 2 days, and if I ever get irritated about having to wash them, I just remind myself of the amount of money I am saving.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of Dax

Thursday Evening:

Go to bed 8:30pm

I decided to surprise my parents and wake up at midnight instead of sleeping through the night. I got a snack and went back to sleep.


I was hungry so I woke up at 5:00am for another snack, mom put me back down to sleep.

I wanted to say bye to daddy before he left for work so I woke up to eat at 8:30am and daddy changed my diaper. I decided I really wanted mommy to change it, so after dad left I dropped a bomb in there just for her to clean up.

After a clean diaper, it was time for some play time while mommy made breakfast and coffee. Then around 9:30am I decided I wanted a snack before taking a power nap. I slept for a little bit, and when I woke up mommy and I went to Target and the bank! We got home around 12:00 pm and I was ready to eat and snooze again. I surprised mommy by only napping for 45 minutes, and I wanted to play when I woke up!

Mommy and I played for a long time until I wanted to eat again around 2:45pm, and then she put me down for another nap, I'll probably just do another power nap because that's how I roll

...and the rest of the day is to be continued :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Camera Shy!

Every time I turn my video camera on in front of Dax he stops talking, smiling, and laughing. The best I can get is the end of a smile/laugh, and then as soon as the camera is away - Dax is back in action. The little stinker!! This week I will get a video of him laughing, but for now enjoy this one I took when I was changing his ridiculous diaper this morning. His name is about to be changed to Dax-a-poo!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mr. Talkative

giggles and smiles
Originally uploaded by Arwen Rose

I was finally able to catch Dax in action on his playmat today. He is such a morning person and is so happy, he just laughs and smiles all morning long, I LOVE it!! I still think he can say "hi", so now my next goal is to get that on video to prove to everyone else that he already can talk :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Weight

The brutal truth, I gained just shy of 50 pounds while pregnant (it was closer to 48, but I'm rounding today) and on my 5' 2.5" frame it was a lot to handle, it gave me a glimpse of what life would be like if I was seriously overweight. I vowed to never weigh that much again (unless if I'm preggers again, and hopefully I won't put on 50lbs with kid #2), and to do my best to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight ASAP. 40 pounds lighter, I cannot get those last 10 to go, and they need to take a hike.

So far this is what I've been doing to lose the weight:
1. Breastfeeding
2. TRYING to not eat as many sweets - now that the holidays are over it should be a little easier
3. Working out with EA Sports Active on my Wii Fit

My sister called me the other day looking for a workout buddy, someone to help keep her accountable and encourage her and she would do the same for me. Despite her living in Romania I figured it would be nice to have someone there to cheer me on, and it would help me stay in better touch with her too!

The new plan:
1. continue Breastfeeding
2. stay active on BabyFit and do the exercises they recommend and use their recipe planner stuff
3. Do EA Sport Active for 20 minutes 4x a week, and Wii Fit Plus stuff on my days off

I know, it took 9 months to put it on, it should take 9 months to take it off, but I've never been a patient person, those last 10 need to go, so here is my new goal list:

1. Lose the last 10 pounds by my birthday, March 29
2. Lose an additional 7 pounds by my anniversary, June 5
3. Do ab exercises to tighten up the jelly that I now call my tummy

And because my son is the cutest kid ever, here's a picture of him smiling and a small confession...he looks better in maize and blue than he does in green and white, something that I refuse to admit to Derek, but he'll read this soon enough anyway:


Sunday, January 3, 2010


Dax has been smiling for awhile now, but lately he will start smiling at you in response to your smile. If I make a silly face or start laughing he will respond with a huge grin - it melts my heart. He's also mastered the silent laugh, which usually comes out when he's on his playmat looking at himself in the mirror. Maybe he'll be a comedian one day since he seems to crack himself up : ) On New Year's Eve, he woke up around 5am and ate, and I just sat there and held him in my arms for a little bit once he was finished. I was enjoying seeing him smile and silently laugh...until he GIGGLED. It was the most precious sound I have heard from him yet! I have pictures of his smile, but once again the camera cord has decided to go into hiding so I can't upload the pictures yet.

On a random side note, I love having a boy, but I wish boy clothes were as cute as girl clothes!! Every time I look for things for Dax, I get sidetracked by all of the girls clothes - I have to say to myself "Arwen, you have a boy" and then slowly walk away...that almost didn't happen when I came across the pink diapers. The only thing that stopped me from buying them was knowing that Derek would cut me off financially for the rest of my life, or at least for a few months :)