Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bebe's new hiding spot

Bebe is my kitty, aka my first child. While I love this cat, she can be a little stinker sometimes. Her new favorite hiding place is under the baby's crib. There is a drawer on wheels under there that I have placed all of the baby's blankets in so far for storage purposes. Well
bebe has decided this is a great place to sleep.

On a side note, I need Flickr help, you'd think that working for a software company would make me tech has not :( How do I embed Flickr photos onto my blog, do I need a paid account? How do I get more than 1 Flickr photo onto my blog??? I haven't been happy with uploading through blogger, my pictures are burry.

3rd Baby Shower

This past Sunday, my sister-in-law, Lisa, threw me a baby shower. We had a great time, with some fun games and we received lots of wonderful gifts! Here are a few pictures.

Lisa gave us this lamp, she hand painted the Detroit Tigers "D" on to the lampshade. It looks great in the nursery already!!

My mother-in-law, handmade us this AWESOME blanket which has U of M on one side, and MSU on the other side. I personally love the blanket, Derek is not such a fan, he thinks it's going to confuse our poor child :)

This was the delicious cake!

There were lots more gifts and pictures, and we really had a great time seeing our family from out of town. There was even one aunt whom I had not yet met until this past Sunday. Each day we feel just a little bit more ready for the baby. Big milestones from this week are: The stroller and car seat were ordered and are schedule to arrive on Friday. We picked up 1 of 2 carseat bases and need to install it into one of the cars. What we both don't understand is why the bases cost almost as much as the entire stroller and carseat combined?! We also ordered the crib bedding set and that will probably arrive early next week. All of the baby's clothes that we have so far are washed, folded, or hanging up. I have picked out a coming home outfit, but need just a few more items to go along with it, but those should be inexpensive and easy to find. We still need to pick up more of the reusable diapers, more baby washcloths that can be used as wipes instead of paying for disposable ones, and we need to figure out the monitor situation. To buy or not to buy? Thank goodness we're at 36 weeks today and we still have some time to figure all of this out!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free Nursing Cover - Just pay shipping!

One of my friends just shared this with me so I figured I would spread the word!! I have been looking for a nursing cover, but did not want to pay $30+ for something I could make. However, Udder Covers has a promotion running right now where all you do is pay $8.95 for shipping and handling, and you get one of their nursing covers for free!

Go to Udder Covers , click on "shop now" , once you've picked out your style and you add it to your cart, enter in "backorder" for the promotional code. Voila, your cost immediately goes down to $8.95! Everything is literally on back order until 9/25, but for an awesome deal like this I can wait.


Friday, September 11, 2009

6 - 8 Weeks To Go!

I hit the 34 week mark this past week, and that means I have 6 to 8 weeks left before our sweet little son arrives. The baby has continued to remain very active, it feels as if the energizer bunny is living in my belly! He still likes to practice his soccer kicking skills inside my right ribs. Usually some bio-freeze mixed with a hot pack help alleviate some of that discomfort.

After this next week's appointment, we will start seeing our mid-wife every week until the baby decides it is time to be born. 6 more weeks will put me at 40 weeks, but our mid-wife will let us go to 42 weeks before any action is taken to push this little one out! Derek and I have been going to our birthing classes, and this next week we will be doing a "practice" labor session to go over the relaxation techniques and all of that fun stuff. Our instructor has already given us some tips on how to speed up your labor process. I have told Derek that I do not care how uncomfortable I am, that he needs to make me do those things so that we can be in and out! Yes, we are doing an all natural birth, and are looking forward to it. Mostly we're looking forward to meeting our son, regardless of how long it takes him to say hello :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

33 Week Belly Shot

I finally have a new belly picture! Now I have to explain this picture first...several of my co-workers are participating in the DALMAC . One of my co-workers thought it would be nice to take a bunch of different pictures of us with funny sayings/signs to help encourage them in their long bike trip. Me being funny suggested she do a picture of someone holding a sign saying "don't pee your pants" while standing in front of the bathroom. Since I'm the only pregnant one around here I was given the wonderful job of doing that!

We have a crib!

Derek put together the entire crib and changing table last night. It looks great, we still need to bump the mattress up, but the important part is that it is finished! We don't have bedding yet, but we're just taking it one step at a time. Here are some pictures.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Shower #2 and 33 week update

On Tuesday the ladies at work graciously threw me a shower over lunch! There was lots of yummy food and of course a cake, one of my co-workers even made genuine chocolate mousse it was delish. Here are a few pictures:

this is the delicious cake,
and this is the crown they made me wear that said "new mom to be"

With their generous gifts Derek and I went out last night to purchase a crib! We also picked up a mattress for the crib - those baby mattresses do not seem very comfortable at all, but since they all felt like that I know it's not just the one we picked out. We still need to put the crib together and this is not the bedding we are going to use but here's the stock photo of it.

I will also have an updated belly shot soon! Today I officially hit 33 weeks, which means I have 7-9 weeks to go, wooo hooo! I saw my mid-wife today and I am measuring right on schedule, and she has no concerns at this point in time. I think Derek said it best when he described her today, "she is what whoopie goldberg would be like if she was cool". Our Mid-Wife is great, she has a great sense of humor, personality, and she's a believer. The only day she won't be able to deliver me is on Tuesdays because of her seminary classes, so I'm crossing my fingers that the baby will cooperate and show up on any day but Tuesday. If it's up to Derek, the baby will also avoid a Saturday, so that he will still be able to watch college football :)