Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weddings and Showers

This past Friday, my oldest sister, Jessie, was married! Don't worry, pictures will come soon, I just don't have any that I can put up yet. All of my siblings and their spouses were in town for the event and it was probably the best time that the 9 of us plus mom and dad have spent together in a long time. I had a minor breakdown the other night once everyone was gone, it's so hard being so far apart from everyone.

Wednesday night Derek and I drove to DTW to pick up the Colorado crew. Derek got to test out what being a soccer dad would be like because we borrowed Jessie's husband's sister's minivan. Needless to say we're both scarred for life and have sworn to NEVER go down that path! Once everyone was in the car, we made a much needed taco bell stop, which ended up being the best taco bell stop of our lives (or atleast the most memorable for us!). As soon as Derek started order, the woman yells to someone else there "They want steak! I need HAAAALP", after that we couldn't hold it together. That line became one of the many running jokes over the next few days.

Thursday morning the ladies woke up bright and early to go get pampered before the wedding with manicures and pedicures. After several hours of that, we went to lunch at Daryl's Downtown . The whole family met up for this, including Dustin's parents. Now, Derek and I aren't the biggest fans of Jackson, MI, however we both really enjoyed the food there in spite of the weirdo waitress. It's a place we would go back to if given the chance. Once lunch was over all of the Winters' headed back to mom and dads to hang out. I went straight to my bed and passed out. Meanwhile Derek and Kyle spent several hours playing this racing game... Later that night we headed to Knight's Steakhouse and Grille for the rehearsal dinner. We pigged out and I had the best steak I've had in a looong time, it was like butter in your mouth. Derek had what looked like a really good pulled pork something or other!

Friday was the wedding day! Jessie, Kelsey, and I headed into town to go get our hair done while all of the boys went golfing. Derek hasn't been out many times this year so he enjoyed playing and spending time with the other guys. From there we all went our separate ways to get ready and headed to the country club/golf course to start preparing. The dressing room was about a bajillion degrees, I'm not joking when I say that we had sweat dripping in every crack possible. I served as a buffer for Jessie, kicking random golfers out of the bathroom we were using to get ready, yeilding off family members, and tackling any last minute issues she thought of. From there it was time for her to get married! The wedding was beautiful, and much to my surprise I didn't shed a single tear. Then the reception started, and boy were we exhausted! It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time, but I think both Derek and I were glad to get home once it was over.

Saturday morning my sister-in-law, Vas, and my other sister, Kelsey co-hosted a baby shower for me! I will put up pictures once I have them. It was great to see all of the people that came and we played some great games. My brothers and Derek even helped custom make some onesies for pee-wee. I was able to see some ladies that have been super helpful to me during the pregnancy (Lindsey and Beth) and lots of our extended family which is always great!

I'll put up pictures when I get the chance!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! :) It was so nice seeing you. I had a great time at your shower and can't wait to see the pics from that day and the wedding too.