Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Difficult Day

Today's been rough for me on so many different levels. Bottom line: I wish I was full-term tomorrow and could give birth tomorrow. The bodily changes are really hitting me harder than I ever anticipated (and yes I know weight gain is healthy, and blah blah blah, it still doesn't make it easy or fun) and for some reason I haven't been able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time over the past week. I'm exhausted. I was in the hospital yesterday with a blood pressure level of 60/30, yikes that's the lowest I've ever seen mine drop. Needless to say I'm still struggling with really low blood pressure levels. It's one of those days where I want to curl up in bed with bebe and butters (the kids...i mean kitties), and take a nap and/or cry for a long time. I'm ready to have my son and hold him.


  1. I'm sorry hun - that can't be easy. I know my pregnancy was NOT the sunshine and flowers and it was NOT a fun time. It will be worth it in the end - you know that of course. Easier said than done at this point when you are miserable. My BP was REALLY high for my pregnancy so I hope yours balance out soon!

    See you Saturday!

  2. If you continue to have a low blood pressure like that up to the third month did they say if they'll make you go through natural child birth or c-section?