Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For the few of you who actually read my ramblings, this post will be me complaining, so if you don't want to read (I won't be offended) you should stop here :)

I have roughly 3.5 months left to go and I am miserable. My body temperature has always been on the colder side, however these past few weeks I have been dieing of heat. Regardless of the temperature outside I'm sweating. We've been sleeping with the A/C on every night (minus last night...don't even get me started on that one) not because we need it, but rather I need the cool air and to feel something cool blowing on a constant basis. My back has been killing me and makes it next to impossible for me to get comfy at night. Even sitting in my recliner couch right now I'm in pain. Sitting is a whole new battle in and of itself and I think I may have to give in and buy one of those butt doughnuts to sit on at work. I can't sit for long periods of time, which makes work difficult because I sit in front of my computer for 8 hours a day and usually try to spend my additional hour of lunch standing. The only solution I've found right now is to slouch down right now really far and put my feet up on a huge cardboard box...this is becoming more difficult because my belly doesn't allow me to scoot up to my desk as close as I need to be. Standing up after sitting like this for more than 30 minutes results in some interesting noises and yet again increased pain. What else could be irritating me right now? Lots, the newest thing being that I am outgrowing maternity clothes. Nothing makes me feel worse about my body right now than putting on a pair of maternity shorts that were big back in April, and finding out that they are now skin tight and no longer fit. My arms are getting chubbier, and my face has ballooned out, while Derek tries to assure me it's my imagination I think he's just saying that because telling me the truth would not only unleash psycho pregnant Arwen but would also result in him being on the couch until after the baby is born.

The only thing I'm happy with right now (and now that I write it/say it outloud this will probably change), is that the dreaded strech marks that I see on so many belly pictures have not yet come my way. Then again I do grease myself up like a piece of chicken ready to get deep fried twice a day every day. I do worry that the stretch marks will come in the 3rd trimester. Anywho, that's my complaining and venting for the month. Really I can't be too upset things have been going really well, not many complaints, and I will be seeing my new doctor on Monday. Things could be worse, but today was just crummy and I definitely got up on the wrong side of the bed.


  1. I'm sorry Arwen - I didn't like being pregnant all that much either. It is a great form of birth control to think back on how miserable I was. You aren't alone in that. Just 3.5 more months and while that sounds like a long time - but after it is done it will seem like nothing. Hell - I still feel like I just gave birth and Logan's 1st birthday is a month from Friday! TIME FLIES!! Looking forward to seeing you at the shower. And never apologize for venting... you are pregnant - you get a complaining green light!

  2. Ditto Lindsey on having the right to complain when you're pregnant!

    It's funny-- you're due around the same time I was last year with Karas. I can remember feeling the exact same way exactly a year ago. I couldn't believe I still had 3 months left. I seriously thought I wasn't going to make it. But, I did! :) Hang in there, and vent away!