Monday, June 29, 2009

A Blessing from the IRS

I went to get the mail today and almost fell over when I saw a think letter from the Department of Treasury in our mailbox. My heart dropped and my first thought was, "crap, what do we have to pay now?! did we not pay enough in taxes this year?". As I opened latter and pulled out all of the information, I could not believe my eyes, it was a notice letting us know that we had overpaid and we were getting a refund. Let me say that one more time, WE'RE GETTING A REFUND!!!!!

Derek and I have been a little stressed out lately trying to figure out our finances in preparation for our baby and trying to be responsible and get out of debt as soon as possible. This little bit helps and was completely unexpected. I would be lieing if I said I wasn't tempted to beg Derek for a kitchen table and chairs with the money, but I won't ask (even though he will read this) and have already let him know what I think we should put the money towards. He agreed and told me he had the same idea in mind. We're really thanking God for this, because this to me just God's way of showing us that when we trust in Him all things are possible and He will guide us. This is not me saying that I expect God to send us refund letters from the IRS every month, but I know that this is God's hand and not ours. I will be interested to hear what our CPA has to say about getting a refund :)

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