Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scrunchy face

Dax makes this scrunchy face - he scrunches his nose up, squints his eyes, and breathes in and out really fast. We have NO idea what it means because it is so random when it happens. Sometimes it is followed by crying, sometimes by laughing, and sometimes with a goofy smile. So far I have yet to capture it on video, that is until today hahaha. I was feeding him some lunch (bananas and peaches) and all of the sudden he started doing it. So I busted out the video camera, and he kept doing it and even said mama at the end. Enjoy!


  1. Emma found this video very funny! She would do the same breathy thing. When she heard Dax start to say mama she started laughing.

  2. awww how cute!!! We should do a play date sometime soon, I bet they would have fun together.