Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 9 Months!

Dax is 9 months old today. It is hard to believe that he is only 3 months away from being 1, when it seems like just the other day he was my 8.4lb newborn baby boy! He's now up to 21lbs 2 oz, and we haven't measured him yet, but that is on the to-do list for tomorrow. While he's not crawling yet, he is definitely mobile as of last friday. He has started doing "the walrus" and is pretty fast once he gets going.

He's still really only saying mama, but he's so close to saying dada or papa, I just know it! He loves smiling, laughing, and stealing the show everywhere we go. He continues to be such a great baby and a joy in our lives. I must admit, being a parent is nothing like what I had imagined. I used to think being a stay-at-home-mom meant hours upon hours of endless boring days, with a baby who just cried all day long. I used to think that I would feel that my life had no meaning or purpose if I was at home, and I would just waste away in boredom. It is the complete opposite! Every day is spent playing and teaching Dax new things, and each day I wonder if he'll do something new, or say a new word. The most current feat we are waiting to capture is him actually crawling - trust me I have the video camera on hand at all times these days! Here are some pictures that were taken this past week by a friend of mine.


(my newest favorite picture)
mommy and dax

my little stud
tough guy


  1. Love the photos. He is such a gorgeous baby! Leo used to crawl just like that!!! Hilarious!

  2. i LOVE his crawl, what a riot! so cute. he looks so much like derek.