Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Fever

You could say that I have been hit with baby see, a lot of people I know are pregnant or have just had a little one. Blame it on the hormones if you want, but I've been getting sad lately when I look at Dax and see how fast he has grown over the past 9 months! He's now 21lbs 2oz and 28" long - when he first was born he was only 8lbs 4oz and 21.5" long. His little foot no longer is the size of my palm. He now requires 2 arms for carrying and rocking instead of 1. Diaper changes now require a certain finesse for speed and the ability to keep him entertained long enough to snap the diaper back on BEFORE he flips over - he used to just lay there not wanting to squirm all around. I love seeing my son grow and develop, I do, but I miss the itty bitty newborn stage. This was the first time I saw my former itty bitty (it's a bit blurry - my mom was taking the pics and she was a little choked up from seeing her second grandson be born)

Dax October 18, 2009 005

Dax October 18, 2009 004

So, if you're pregnant, or have a newborn, and somewhat close, I may or may not be bugging you to come hold your baby :)


  1. You can come over and hang out with my dog or cats anytime - is that close? :)

  2. :) I would count it for a kitten or puppy - I did love how dax thought it was hilarious when Bella licked his hands!!