Sunday, January 3, 2010


Dax has been smiling for awhile now, but lately he will start smiling at you in response to your smile. If I make a silly face or start laughing he will respond with a huge grin - it melts my heart. He's also mastered the silent laugh, which usually comes out when he's on his playmat looking at himself in the mirror. Maybe he'll be a comedian one day since he seems to crack himself up : ) On New Year's Eve, he woke up around 5am and ate, and I just sat there and held him in my arms for a little bit once he was finished. I was enjoying seeing him smile and silently laugh...until he GIGGLED. It was the most precious sound I have heard from him yet! I have pictures of his smile, but once again the camera cord has decided to go into hiding so I can't upload the pictures yet.

On a random side note, I love having a boy, but I wish boy clothes were as cute as girl clothes!! Every time I look for things for Dax, I get sidetracked by all of the girls clothes - I have to say to myself "Arwen, you have a boy" and then slowly walk away...that almost didn't happen when I came across the pink diapers. The only thing that stopped me from buying them was knowing that Derek would cut me off financially for the rest of my life, or at least for a few months :)

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