Friday, January 22, 2010

3 Months Old (and 4 days)

On Monday Dax was exactly 3 months old, 1/4 of a year already, holy cow!! I weighed him on my Wii Fit and he came in at a whopping 15.2 pounds - he's up exactly 2 pounds from December 18th. This would explain my increased back pain over the past couple of weeks. Over the past couple of weeks Dax has been talking non-stop, and I still think he knows how to say "hi". He LOVES to talk with his daddy, they sit there and coo at each other and then Dax just cracks up laughing. Our best method to get him to calm down when he's upset, is to start "talking" to him, the way he talks to us, and he finds that funny so he'll crack a smile and start talking back. It's amazing and melts my heart everytime I hear it. He seems to have inherited my smile - which means his eyes disappear when he smiles and from here on out, people will probably tell him what I've been hearing all of these years: "your eyes are closed, we need to retake the picture" me: "let me look at they're not closed, that's just how they look when I smile", my poor poor son - the hardships he will endure because of this smile :) I have a good feeling that he will survive.

Maybe it's just me, but he sure is getting cuter and cuter every time I look at him! He still is 99% dad and 1% mom, but that's alright - he has my brains and his dads looks, he's going to go places with that combination!

On a random side note, we're not starting solids and won't be doing so until he's 6 months old, but I found this online and have decided we will be getting this in March/April when we're getting ready to start solids:


What is it? This is Squirt it's a spoon that you fill with 3 oz. of baby food, and you squeeze the sides of the top of the spoon for food to come out onto the spoon. AKA mess free feedings, no bottles of baby food being spilled over on to the floor, oh I could go on. The BEST part, it's only $7.99, and I found 2 stores in Michigan that aren't too far away. They have 3 colors, Orange, Hot Pink (let's hope I have a girl next so I can get this color some time hehe), and Blue.

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