Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering 101

This post is for my friend, Beth , who is not sure if she wants to start using cloth diapers for her 3rd child (a girl!!) who is due in May. I told her that I would put together a little tutorial to show her how easy and mess free it really is. Now, if you're like me, the word cloth diaper brings this image to mind:
Old school cloth diapers
And if you're also like me, your parents STILL have those cloth diapers and use them as cleaning rags. So when I first heard of people who use CDs these days, I immediately thought of the rags and safety pins.

When my sister-in-law showed us the diapers she used, I realized that CDs, like everything else has kept up with the times, no more safety pins, no more plastic pants, now they look just like regular diapers and save me a TON of money, wooo hoooo! Oh, and they give Dax some junk in the trunk, but that's ok :) We use the Bum Genius brand, so Beth, here are your step by step instructions on what they look like and how to use them:

Step 1: The diaper all folded up

Cloth Diaper closed smallest size

Step 2: How to expand the diaper as your baby grows

Cloth Diaper Expanded

There are neat little snaps on the front, these will fit your kid from birth through appx. 50lbs, just an FYI, Dax is probably 16 or 17lbs and we're still on the smallest size, we may move up soon.

Step 3: How it works (excuse the skid marks lol)

The cloth diaper opened

This is the diaper opened, now notice by the velcro, you have what appears a little overhang of material - this is a pocket where the insert gets put in the diaper.

Step 4: The insert


This is what gets shoved into the diaper's pocket, and keeps the baby dry

Step 5: The pocket

Where you stick the insert

This is where you put the insert into the diaper, and they come with an extra one that you put in once your baby sleeps through the night.

Just a small note: Dax rarely leaks through with these, we have the MOST accidents, blowouts/diaper explosions, when he is wearing disposables. Our overall invest on these was about $200 - we were given several for gifts, we started out with 24 which was great, I only have to wash them every 2 days, and if I ever get irritated about having to wash them, I just remind myself of the amount of money I am saving.


  1. Yay, thanks so much! This is definitely helpful. I still have a few questions but I'll email you. What excites me the most besides the money saving is the thought that maybe we won't have as many poop blowouts. I swear, both my kids had DAILY up the back, out the sides explosions for the first few months no matter what brand of dipes we used. Soooo irritating! Hope that wasn't too gross to comment about here! :)

  2. not at all!! i'm going to try and do a video for you of a diaper change just so you see how the diaper separates, i'll say this and know that once i say it it will happen, but we've NEVER had a blowout - just a few pee-throughs so far