Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A New Ride

When we officially switched Dax over to his convertible carseat because he had outgrown his infant one, I realized that my mobility with him would be limited until he was a little sturdier. He sits up, but is still pretty wobbly, and toting around the stroller can be a royal pain at times. While Dax rides well in the stroller, he doesn't do well in it for long periods of time - he can't see me, and depending on where we're at, I am hard to hear!

Not really sure what to do, I asked some of my friends what they suggested. Some of my friends are really into baby wearing and convinced me that I should give it a whirl. I found a great baby carrier on sale and it arrived on Tuesday. It's an Action Baby Carrier and Dax can be worn on the front or back - it also has a belt that goes around your waist and the straps are really comfortable and criss cross over your shoulders to distribute the weight through your whole body.

new baby carrier

An extremely happy baby!! (excuse the blurry picture - they were the best we could get!)

Yes, I cropped myself out of the picture - when you haven't showered for 2 days and the camera adds an extra 3 chins, removing yourself from pictures is not only a courtesy it's a necessity!

baby carrier

If you're interested in baby wearing, Amber, at Heavenly Hold has several different types of carriers, mei tais, slings, wraps, and buckle carriers (like mine), and she also has a great page dedicated to the history, benefits, and safety of babywearing. I am loving baby wearing, it makes my life, and Dax's so much easier! For the first time, I went to the grocery store with just Dax yesterday. Today, we went on an hour long walk, and thanks to the nap hood, Dax was able to take his nape while we were walking! This could become an expensive habit...

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