Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday, and landed itself on the list of one of the worst birthdays I have had thus far. Surprisingly, the events that took place caused me to not even give a care that I am now closer to 30 than I am 20, that I am not a quarter of a century, that I am OLD, and that I'm depressed about getting older.

It all started a couple of months ago when I sought out the care of a homeopathic doctor to find the cause of my daily headaches and sometimes daily migraines. I wanted an alternative approach that would hopefully end in a medicine free solution. I willingly let them take several chunks of hair from the back of my head, and I even gladly let them take far too many vials of blood to try and get some answers. Yesterday, I went in to get my results. I don't think I was even somewhat prepared for the information overload I experienced. It turns out that I am allergic to all the good, processed, non-organic food. Like wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, and the worst one GARLIC. Garlic is a staple in my diet, I seriously put it in almost all of my dishes (except desserts), including scrambled eggs. The list goes on about the allergies, but it didn't stop there. They handed me a personalized handbook explaining what I'm allergic to and the foods that I need to avoid, they also provided me with a much smaller list of foods that I can eat. Did I mention that they took away chocolate and sugar?!

I have taken this with a HUGE grain of salt. See, I would sacrifice all the foods I love if it means that I will never get another migraine or headache, but it's a little frustrating right now trying to figure out what to eat! I ordered a cookbook and hopefully that will give me some ideas. In general I just feel pretty discouraged and a little helpless in the eating category, especially with breakfast! I think by the time I get the hang of what I can and can't eat, it will be time to check in with my doctor and get my diet adjusted! Here's some cute pictures of Dax from this weekend.



Hanging out with cousin Zachary

Zach and Dax testing out soon to arrive Baby Ellena's playmat!

Hanging out with Uncle Dan

Chillin in my exersaurcer on loan from Aunt Lisa



  1. First things first, Happy Belated Birthday! 25 is NOT old - hang in there! You look absolutely RADIANT in the photo above, by the way! And as for the allergies - I'm not a doctor, but you may find that you can eat SOME of the things on your do not eat list, in moderation. I'm guessing some foods will be bigger triggers than others. It will be a little bit of trial and error for awhile I'm sure. Hang in there - at least you have some answers now!

  2. Thanks Joanne!! I'm on a 5 month long elimination diet and at the end of those 5 months I get to start adding select foods back in, depending on how strongly I tested for an allergy (1, 2, or 3 stars) - 3 stars I probably won't be able to eat again, 1 or 2 stars (lowest reaction) I may be able to incorporate in we shall see! :)

  3. I'm hoping for your sake that chocolate and sugar are just one star foods! I'd be totally bummed about the whole diet thing too, but at least you are getting some answers. And I agree with Joanne, you look fantastic. I had a few issues with turning 25, but this year it's 27 and that seems soooooo old now! Dax is a doll-- love the expression in the first pic with Zachary.