Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mr. Chatty

Mr. Dax-a-roo has been a little chatterbug lately. He's a talker, but he's really trying to speak lately, his tones have been changing and when he moves his lips it's like he's just trying to spit out a full mouth of words! Today, he has decided to squeal more than he's ever squealed in his life so far - he sounds like a 3 year old little girl getting her first barbie.

Our happy sweet little boy has turned into a crying angry monster. He's started teething, his smiles have become cute little pouty lips, his eyes that sparkle when he laughs have turned into sprinkler systems, and he's been fighting low-grade fevers for the past 2 weeks. Today, however, my sweet baby boy woke up his usual self and was the happiest I have seen him in awhile! While there aren't any pearly whites poking through yet, I believe I can see one on his bottom front gums just under the surface. Here's hoping they pop through soon and that he gets a break from teething for a few weeks!

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