Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poops I Did It Again

No, I did not mistype that, it really should say "Poops" and not "Oops". If I could put a title on my day yesterday, it would have been that. What would have been even more appropriate is if I had put Dax in the onesie that my mom bought him at a yard sale this past summer that says that on it. Had I only known....

Let's backtrack for a minute. At one of my baby showers someone made me a diaper cake using size 2 diapers. They told me that it would be nice to use those instead of cloth diapers when we were out and about. Well they've just been sitting in Dax's room and he's almost out of what would be considered size 2, so Derek and I decided we should just use them for a few days so we don't waste them. We still wanted to use our cloth diapers at night because of how well they hold the pee and how well the keep the moisture off of Dax's skin.

Fast-forward to yesterday afternoon. Dax woke up to eat and was ready to go back to sleep again when I heard the explosive rumblings below. I waited a few minutes to make sure all of the aftershocks were over and started to unswaddle him. I knew it was going to be bad when I saw the poop drippings in the swaddle me - and when I turned him around, his entire onesie was wet with poop. I took him into the nursery to change him, and by that point poop was EVERYWHERE. It was on his arms, legs, all over the changing table, it was disgusting. Even worse, I know that had we used a cloth diaper we would not have had the massive blowout that we did have. In addition, my poor child is addicted to being swaddled and getting him to sleep without the swaddleme blanket is a very difficult task. It was a rough day, but the cloth diapers are back, the disposables are probably going to get thrown away because I get mad just looking at them, and it is going to be an all out PJ day for Dax and I. Did I mention we're snowed in?


  1. Ewww, no fun! But that describes nearly everyday with my kids the first few months! I really do need to make the switch to CDs. Don't throw those sposies away though... donate them somewhere or send them my way (just in case we don't use CD!) ;)

  2. you can have them lol! the sight of them just makes me so mad right now they've the luvs brand and i have 28 of them, oh and they're pretty awesome with blue clues on them :)