Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post-pregnancy me

I hate how I look post-pregnancy, I'm sick of feeling fat, I spent 9 months feeling ginormous and now it just continues. I don't have anything that fits right now, I have maybe 4 tops that fit, and that's because I bought 2 of them, and the only pants that I can wear right now are my maternity pants. Can I just say that I'm sick of wearing elastic waist-banded pants?! They're too big on me, so my plumber's butt is constantly hanging out, and I always have to pull them up, but NONE of my pre-pregnancy pants fits. Not even my fat ones. I have one pair of pants that I can pull up, but I look like this in them:

I'm still not allowed to work out yet, hopefully when I see my mid-wife on the 30th I'll get the all clear to start some sort of work out regimen again. I've been trying to take 30 minute walks with Dax each day, but our lovely Michigan weather has made it pretty difficult for me to do. Most days I'd rather take a nap during "walk" time anyway, especially since I usually have a migraine thanks to the weather. Yes it's wonderful being a mom and having a son, but that does not eliminate my frustrations about my body right now or solve the fact that I'm chunking out and don't feel like I'm losing any weigh. Sigh.

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  1. Post-baby body is no fun at all! :( It took me until Leo was 2.5 to finally fit into the jeans I wore before getting pregnant with him. I'm so glad I hung on to them, cause there were sooo many times when I almost gave them away. It was so depressing to think I'd shrunk enough to wear them, then I'd try them on and they still wouldn't go past my thighs. I know it sucks, but just know that you're normal! Good for you for getting out and walking-- that will definitely help. Oh, and I have heard that months 3-4 are the months most women lose weight while nursing. Hang in there!