Thursday, November 19, 2009

1 month old ( a day late )

Dax turned 1 month old yesterday! The first month has been an adventure for Derek and I filled with lots of memories. Derek and I are quickly learning to function on a lot less sleep than normal, and are both thoroughly enjoying our new roles as mom and dad. Here's a look back on the past month.

Dax enjoying his lamb chair, this is a mid-sentence picture. He's become so much more vocal since he was born. He likes to grunt and squeel, and coo at me. He's especially noisy when he's trying to wake up - a process that takes him about an hour to do.

Dax about to roll over (he did this for the first time yesterday!) Tummy time is going really well, although he's been holding his head up really high since he was born, so it's a breeze for him!

Snoozin on daddy's lap, one of his favorite places to sleep. He hates having his arms confined, and no matter how we swaddle him, he manages to houdini his arms out of the blanket.

Wide-awake on mommy's pillow, there are some nights where little D likes to stay awake instead of going back to sleep after eating. I usually try to take over night shift when he's wide-awake, since Derek gets up for work in the morning. Derek has been a HUGE help with Dax at night when he does wake up for his 1 feeding.

Out like a light at the hospital. Such a little doll, it's hard to believe he's only been around for 1 month, it feels like he's been with us for so much longer than that. I am starting to forget what life was like before we had Dax, it just seems so natural having him a part of our lives.

His birthday! This was taken after he was all taken care of and swaddled up at the hospital.

And last but not least a video of a major milestone - Dax rolling over for the first time. He actually did this yesterday, but we took the video today to send to my mom for her birthday. He still hasn't done this in front of Derek yet, but we will keep trying!!

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