Saturday, October 17, 2009


It seems that despite my avid hand-washing, opening of doors with paper towels, and avoidance of all of the sick people I was around, I have finally picked up something. It started yesterday at work, I wasn't feeling so hot, but I figured I was just tired and I had eaten something that didn't settle with me.

Here we are, several hours later with a runny nose, sore throat, and a sinus headache that is trying to turn into a migraine. Oh and my upper left teeth hurt for some odd reason. I know some of you may say "oh that's a sign of labor", at this point I'm not getting my hopes up. I've been having irregular contractions, but regularly having them, for the past week, and I have dropped, however no baby yet. He'll come when he's ready, and for now, Derek and I are enjoying these last few days of "us" time.

We have been very antisocial lately on purpose. Mainly because neither of us want to get sick (too late for me I guess!), and we don't have the desire or energy to have people over and entertain them.

For now I think I'll try to go back to bed - it's warmer there than the couch is! Hopefully this cold/sinus thing will pass quickly, before the baby arrives!

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  1. So sorry you're sick! :( If you get a fever, call your doc right away. You don't want to mess around at all with this H1N1 stuff. I hope you are fully recovered before you deliver!