Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Dax did have an awesome Spiderman onesie that he wore today to celebrate Halloween, but sadly he peed all over it before we were able to get a picture. We did manage to take our first family photo today, and it turned out great! Both my mom and dad came up to visit today so they were able to take some pictures for us.

Derek also wanted to get a picture of him and Dax in their Michigan outfits, don't worry, Dax has plenty of Michigan State clothing, it out numbers his Michigan clothing :)

Grandma Winters also came up to visit today, it was the first time she was able to see and hold Dax since he was 2 days old. She got in some great time with him, and he was even awake for several hours during her visit. She enjoyed every moment, even changing his poopy diapers hehehe : )


  1. Grandma's are great for poopy diapers! Gives them one-on-one bonding time! My mom is always on diaper duty when she is here!

  2. Cute, Arwen! And you look GREAT by the way!!

  3. Lindsey - I agree, Derek and I love it when one of our sets of parent's comes to visit...we're off of diaper duty for a few hours : )

    Joanne - thanks!! With my parents being up here, I was able to actually do my hair and put on some makeup, it felt so nice!!

  4. You do look great, Arwen. Wow! Love the family picture... looks frame-worthy to me! :)

  5. All I have to say is you're lucky your kid is cute because that Michigan apparel? Yeah ...