Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Shower #2 and 33 week update

On Tuesday the ladies at work graciously threw me a shower over lunch! There was lots of yummy food and of course a cake, one of my co-workers even made genuine chocolate mousse it was delish. Here are a few pictures:

this is the delicious cake,
and this is the crown they made me wear that said "new mom to be"

With their generous gifts Derek and I went out last night to purchase a crib! We also picked up a mattress for the crib - those baby mattresses do not seem very comfortable at all, but since they all felt like that I know it's not just the one we picked out. We still need to put the crib together and this is not the bedding we are going to use but here's the stock photo of it.

I will also have an updated belly shot soon! Today I officially hit 33 weeks, which means I have 7-9 weeks to go, wooo hooo! I saw my mid-wife today and I am measuring right on schedule, and she has no concerns at this point in time. I think Derek said it best when he described her today, "she is what whoopie goldberg would be like if she was cool". Our Mid-Wife is great, she has a great sense of humor, personality, and she's a believer. The only day she won't be able to deliver me is on Tuesdays because of her seminary classes, so I'm crossing my fingers that the baby will cooperate and show up on any day but Tuesday. If it's up to Derek, the baby will also avoid a Saturday, so that he will still be able to watch college football :)

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