Thursday, September 24, 2009

3rd Baby Shower

This past Sunday, my sister-in-law, Lisa, threw me a baby shower. We had a great time, with some fun games and we received lots of wonderful gifts! Here are a few pictures.

Lisa gave us this lamp, she hand painted the Detroit Tigers "D" on to the lampshade. It looks great in the nursery already!!

My mother-in-law, handmade us this AWESOME blanket which has U of M on one side, and MSU on the other side. I personally love the blanket, Derek is not such a fan, he thinks it's going to confuse our poor child :)

This was the delicious cake!

There were lots more gifts and pictures, and we really had a great time seeing our family from out of town. There was even one aunt whom I had not yet met until this past Sunday. Each day we feel just a little bit more ready for the baby. Big milestones from this week are: The stroller and car seat were ordered and are schedule to arrive on Friday. We picked up 1 of 2 carseat bases and need to install it into one of the cars. What we both don't understand is why the bases cost almost as much as the entire stroller and carseat combined?! We also ordered the crib bedding set and that will probably arrive early next week. All of the baby's clothes that we have so far are washed, folded, or hanging up. I have picked out a coming home outfit, but need just a few more items to go along with it, but those should be inexpensive and easy to find. We still need to pick up more of the reusable diapers, more baby washcloths that can be used as wipes instead of paying for disposable ones, and we need to figure out the monitor situation. To buy or not to buy? Thank goodness we're at 36 weeks today and we still have some time to figure all of this out!!


  1. YAY for 36 weeks! Crazy to think you are so close already! Just think - Logan was born at 36 week 4 days... haha would you be ready in 4 days???? ;-)

  2. NO WAY! We don't have the car seat yet lol!!! We are not ready, we still have a to buy/to-do list with about 10 items on it that we still need to get before he can arrive :) If he would cooperate with that we'd be so appreciative hehehe

  3. Ah yes, the buy/to-do list. I had one for both of my pregnancies and never got all the items crossed off. Sounds like you are definitely prepared though. I can't believe you are 36 weeks! Time has flown. You know, we had two carseat bases for Leo and never ended up using the 2nd one. We took it back several months later and used the $ to buy other baby things. :) It's crazy how expensive baby gear is. Soooo excited for you!