Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby's First Picture

Last Thursday I had my first ultrasound, and the nightmare of which I call my OB office continues. If I get pregnant again and am still in the Lansing area, I will NEVER go back to this practice. I really like the doctors, but everyone else it just miserable! It started with the ultrasound technician...I had a minor meltdown where I burst into tears and Derek had to calm to down. I was still upset that I wasn't even that excited when our Baby showed up on the TV for us to see. After the ultrasound was over I had to get my vital signs taken along with my weight. I don't like being weighed, nor do I want to ever know what I weigh, especially when I am gaining and not losing. So generally I ask the person taking my weight to not say the number outloud because I would rather not know. Usually they do not have problems with this, and let me know that I can even turn around so I don't have to close my eyes. This time, when the nurse came to get me, I said "that's fine, but I do not want to know what I weigh". To which she responded with a snotty "well I have to take your weight, and if you don't want to get weighed you can just leave". If I didn't have to see the doctor I probably would have. I met with the nurse midwife this time, and she was great! After our appointment was over, it was time to face Emily, the mean receptionist who hates me. I had to schedule 2 appointments in June, and I let her know that I could not schedule anything from May 15-29 as I would be out of the country. I also told her that I do not have free vacation time at work right now and I need my appointments Thursday monrings or Wednesdays last appointment of the day. I feel it is important to note that she was laughing and smiling until I walked up, and she immediately started frowning, pursed her lips and looked like she was going to bite my head off. So what is the first appointment time that she suggests for me? Thursday, May 28th at 1pm, and she didn't ask me this, she just scheduled it. So when I repeated that I need to schedule my complete ultrasound for the first week in June, she replied with, I already scheduled that appointment for you. When she told me the day, and time, I gently reminded her again that I was not available. TWENTY MINUTES later I walked out with 2 appointments, and only one of which will require a slight schedule adjustment at work. I do not understand why everyone feels that this place is "the place" to go in Lansing for your OB-GYN care. I will continue to discourage anyone I know from going there. Here are some pictures of the baby. It took me about 2.5 hours to figure out what all I was really looking at.

This one is the more clear one, you can see the spine, ribs, and an eye. They told me that my ultrasounds will look pretty skeleton like until I'm in my mid-20 weeks when the tissue starts to grow on the baby more.


  1. It's not too late to switch, and if I were you, I'd call and make an appointment somewhere else RIGHT NOW. Seriously, there are so many stressful things in pregnancy, and this should not be one of them.

  2. I am so glad you are updating via this blog! I agree-- it might not be too late to switch OB's. You are getting treated terribly there! Also, I can never tell what I'm looking at when I see ultrasound pictures... don't feel bad! LOL!

  3. 1) Switch doctors. I would seriously switch out. You're already going to have a lot on your plate and dealing with rude people isn't one of them. If you can't trust them to be nice to you how can you trust them to take down your medical information correctly?

    2) I'll be honest ... I can't tell what a damn thing is. I say you open your paint program and write in with arrows what part of the baby is what. :-) I was turning my head every which direction and I still couldn't see where they're getting a face.