Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Presents - Getting Crafty Again!

I am on a homemade gift kick! One of my good friends had a baby on Sunday (the coolest birthday ever - 10.10.10), she and her husband kept the gender a surprise until their baby was born. I personally don't think I could do that, it would drive me nuts!! They had a boy, and they didn't have much boy stuff since their first was a girl. I've been making a few different "boy" things to send them instead of the traditional gift of clothes. This might end up being a series of 3 post, because I have 3 different things I am making her.

Today, I attempted some burps cloths. The key - having really really cute fabric :) I didn't have a pattern, but I did hold up one of our burp rags to the fabric for a rough idea of how long and wide the cloth should be. My favorite fabric is the one with the dinosaurs....I just might need to make Dax a blanket or pillow case out of it!!

baby boy burp rags #1

baby boy burp rags #2


  1. She is going to LOVE these!! What a great way to help her get some blue in that house!