Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 Months, Father's Day, and Cupcakes

Dax is officially 8 months old now - time has flown by. It is hard to believe that we are now closer to Dax's turning 1 than we are to when he was born!! He is ringing in at 20 pounds now, and not sure how long, but we'll measure him tomorrow :)

We celebrated our first father's day, and gave Derek a framed picture of him and Roo in their matching Michigan outfits, as well as a much needed pair of jeans. Sometimes you just have to give a practical gift instead of something fun. I don't think Derek minded too much. We met up with my parents and enjoyed a nice dinner to celebrate as well.

Father's Day 2010

Dax celebrated his 8 month mark by taking a ride in a swing for the first time. His Grammy R was blowing bubbles for him while swinging and he had a great time.


We also celebrated Derek's younger sister's high school graduation with her open house. It gave us a chance to see his older sister, her husband, and our nephew and 2 month old niece! We took advantage of the opportunity to get a photo of the 3 kids together.

edited version

Lastly, as a part of the preparation for the open house, I made about 100 mini cupcakes into graduation hats. See below (the blue and white were her high school's colors):




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