Saturday, April 17, 2010


Dax's first food encounter was with peas mixed with breastmilk. He was not a fan. It was the cutest thing watching him try to figure out what we were giving him. Several times, we had to stop putting the spoon up to his mouth because we were laughing so hard! He would squish his whole face up with this look of utter disgust, as if he was eating a lemon wedge.

Here's the pea and breast milk puree that I whipped up

peas and mommy milk

Here's the bowl, all ready to go

first foods!

First bite...a little apprehensive

mom, are you for real?

Not so sure...

what is this?

Please mom, just stop

here comes the airplane

I have to eat more of this stuff?!

mom don't make me eat that

It's. so. gross.

mommy peas are gross


  1. He's such a neat eater (or did you not show the pictures with green goo everywhere?) have you decided what you are going to try next?

  2. haha, andrea he didn't get any food anywhere with the first time! today (2nd time we did them), he got it everywhere - i'll have to post some pictures of those :) i think we'll do carrots next.