Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're having a baby!

Derek and I found out a couple of weeks ago that we are going to have a baby! As you may all have guessed, this comes as a huge surprise to us and is taking a lot for us to get used to the idea that we're going to be parents in October. Right now we're both trying to trust in God's timing and not be frustrated with the fact that this wasn't our ideal timing.

From the time I was 17 until I was 21, my dad had always said that I would be the first one in the family to have kids, and while Kelsey has Caleb, I will be the first one of the kids to give birth. I wish I could skip the birthing process, it petrifies me. I have dreams that I'm in the hospital and I'm really out of it, feeling no pain, suddenly everyone is telling me to push. This confuses me and I don't know what to do, then a minute later there's a baby and I gave birth. Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant with 8 kids (too much Jon and Kate plus 8) and when I gave birth I had 6 girls and 2 boys, but the boys were already 8 years old when they came out and could talk and everything. Pregnant dreams make me feel like I am crazy!!

I do feel like I'm over the first trimester, and by that I mean I'm ready for the second one! I'm exhausted 24/7, and just feel like I'm going to throw up even though I haven't thrown up all that often. I'm just tired of feeling crummy and am ready for the day that everyone has told me will come, where I will wake up and feeling amazing!! For now I will just have to keep on trucking! I did find these "candies" at the maternity store, preggie pop drops, and they have been a life saver at work so that I'm not getting sick. The sun today helped cheer me up and somehow I felt better knowing that warmer weather is on its way. I'm looking forward to this weekend!!

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