Monday, November 1, 2010

Cloth Diapers Revisited

As you know by now, I love me some cloth diapers. On a personal note, 5 years ago I never ever thought I would utter the words "love" and "cloth diapers" in the same sentence, let alone actually use them!! We ran into some leaks along the way (get it, leaks haha!), especially at night time. My beloved Bum Genius diapers had failed me, and off down the disposable road we went. I was given a few suggestions for some night time ones to try and I finally made a decision to go with Sloomb Sustainable Babyish Cloth Fitted (aren't they pretty?) with a wool cover. We are 2/2 in staying dry at night and I have fallen in love. My only regret - that I didn't find these sooner! So, I found a giveaway for another fitted diaper, I'm hoping to win and get the mocha one this time! Check out 29 Diapers for the giveaway, and also for tons of information on cloth diapering, saving money with babies, and all sorts of other fun things! Pictures of Dax in his new undies will be coming soon...


  1. Ok, you talked me into it. Ordered my trial kit and will soon be snapping pictures of Sean in his new carbon cover (what color did you get).

  2. Married to your best friend AND you love jesus? I say blasphemy. Do the right thing arwen.