Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Crafty Again

In a week or so, I will be going to a baby shower for a friend who's having a baby girl in December. I was going to make a wet bag, but she isn't sure if she's going to cloth diaper or not, and even though it would still be useful, I wanted to do something more fun! I picked up some great fabric and fleece at Joanne's during a HUGE sale, and here is what I made:

Shopping Cart/High Chair cover:
Andrea's shopping cart cover 2

A view of the leg holes and toy loops:
Leg holes, toy loops

The ruffle - this was my first time making a ruffle since I've only made covers for boys so far, it was fairly easy and I'm really pleased with the result!
the ruffle

And the cover reversed (yes, they are reversible!!)
Andrea's shopping cart cover


  1. Good job! Very cute! E-mail me so we can plan for your thank you's - I hope the rest of the party planning is going well! :)

  2. Thanks - it took longer than I had hoped, but that's ok, one of these days my sewing machine will cooperate :) I'll send you an email later today

  3. This is soooo cute! I love the fabric and the ruffle looks really cute!

  4. I need one of these! How much would you charge for one?

  5. Thanks Megan!

    Beth - for you I would make it for the cost of the materials, which is around $25 or so depending on if you get them on sale or not :)